[Libreoffice] minutes of tech steering call ...

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at novell.com
Thu Mar 24 11:17:15 PDT 2011

* Present:
	+ Michael, Thorsten, Kendy, Caolan,
	+ Norbert, Petr, David, Kohei, Andras

* Previous Action Items:
AA:     new Evo addresbook bug - not done (Michael)
        download javascript test site setup: Christian did it
        post a dependency graph of split modules: Petr posted it.
        fantastic conference - blog to follow - Thorsten, done.

* 3.3.2 updates (Petr)
	+ no known regressions
		+ another successful release
	+ several bugs missed the deadline
		+ should we have a larger RC / final gap ?
		+ are the blockers new regressions ?
			+ no - pre-existing bugs people want fixed.
	* Actions:
AA:		+ re-title tracker to "most annoying" from "blockers" (Petr)
AA:		+ potentially a 10day RC -> release gap better ? (Petr to write up)

* Release planning
        + cadence for 3.3.x stable releases
		+ 2 month gaps for 3.3.3+ releases

        + adjusted timeline 3.4.x releases
		+ tinderboxes to provide pre-RC builds
		+ most developers bug-fixing on 3-4 branch
			+ with regular merging to master
		+ first releases by April.
			+ plan for 2x Betas + 3x RCs once
			  per week come April

* 3.4 pieces:
        + Merging status / retrospective (Norbert)
		+ getting import right key
		+ pre-merging not such a great idea
		+ much easier merging m103 etc.
AA:		+ ideally work on per-CWS merges (Norbert)
			+ work needed to overcome re-merging issues.

* Feature freeze:
	+ branch April 1st ...
	+ breaks to feature-freeze allowed if approved
	  by 2x others with different/no affiliation

* un-splitting git repo
	+ tinderbox + automated bisection is harmed by split repos (Norbert)
		+ bisecting merges from elsewhere makes bisection hard (Kendy)
	+ split build helps build time and dependencies (Kendy)
		+ want to split GNOME + KDE backends too
		+ not necessarily the same as split git (Norbert)
		+ can bloat SRPMS hugely / require re-packing (Kendy)
	+ parallelising merging is hard (Michael)

	=> good idea to have since repo: re-evaluate
		+ if we have gnumake in place - for robust incremental building
		+ and smaller / individual CWS merging
		+ need to exclude l10n and system stuff.
		+ concern with git commit -a (navigates entire repo)
		+ ensure no unbearable performance issues.

* l10n changes (Andras)
	+ pushed framework into git, with 2 langs
AA:		+ further integration (Petr)
	+ transparent for developers
	+ .po files stored in repository
	+ Makefile extracts a new en_US SDF from the source
	+ and delivers SDF particles to the target dirs
	+ more organised translation storage
	+ translators work on .po files anyway
		+ from pootle / or external sources.

* Lubos' overriding / warnings goodness
	+ exactly the warning, that would have detected automatically
	  some recently problems.
	+ Caolan builds with warnings as errors
AA:	+ commit it / futher investigation (Caolan)

* Bjoern's initial impressions thread / summary (Bjoern)
	+ build.pl - errors / usability etc.
	+ punted due to meeting conflict.

* Anything else that is happening
	+ nothing this week.

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