[Libreoffice] configmgr unit test resurrection ...

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at novell.com
Fri Mar 25 10:13:19 PDT 2011

Hi Guto,

	I took the liberty of CC'ing the dev list in reply, hope that's ok -
best to interact there so other people can help you out ;-)

On Fri, 2011-03-25 at 13:31 -0300, Guto Maia wrote:
> Now I'm most of my interest is in the better understand of the build
> cycle and also the improvement of tests.

	Wonderful :-) Hopefully master is now increasingly build-able too -
which is helpful, you joined at a low-point in build-ability I'm afraid.

> My interest in improve both of this parts (build cycle and tests) at
> the end could help others like me.

	Great - that is -really- useful work.

> As many agile authors said, tests routines are a live documentation of
> the project.


> Unfortunelly, the recent tests that I was studing didn't help much. As
> they were indeed useless.
> Can you give-me any clue or direct-me to any point as a good start? 

	Right :-) so you saw sc/qa/unit/ and how that works ? we're trying to
expand the number of these; also using a similar template in other
places to do some useful testing.

	Oh ! which reminds me, I have some tests I wrote that need


	contains some tests that I wrote way back, that need some love to
switch them to the new cppunit test framework (like the sc/ code above).
That shouldn't be too hard.

	You need to enable that directory to build in configmgr/prj/build.lst 

	And tweak the code. It will prolly need some debugging, and pain to get
it working, in particular the regcomp for services.rdb there needs
switching to the XSLT thing we use now, and I guess it needs the sax
components to parse the config database, and I suspect it will crash -
due to missing components and fun.

	So - there is some debugging & fun to get that working; but it is at
least fairly nicely self-contained - ie. if you can grok the code in
configmgr and some of the UNO stuff under it it should be fine.

	Could you try to help out with that ?

	Thanks !


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