[Libreoffice] [PATCH] replace Saxon/J XSLT extension functions with libxslt/c++ equivalent

Peter Jentsch pjotr at guineapics.de
Sat Mar 26 06:42:30 PDT 2011


I now have a first working implementation of the XSLT extension
functions which currently prevent the Office 2003 ML filters from using
the libxslt based transformation service.  

The patch affects 3 modules: 

solenv: new PACKAGE2LIB variable defined in libs.mk
components/package: made Inflater/Deflater classes (needed by the
extension functions) available as DLL imports. 
filters/filter: added extenstion function impl., changed XSLT
stylesheets to work with that and changed configuration of Word 2003 ML
filters to no longer use the JAXT transformation service. 

I'm afraid the OleHandler class still needs a lot of love, esp.
w/regards to exception handling, but as of now it even works somewhat
better than the java based impl. which is currently completely broken
(in both OOo and LibO, at least under Ubuntu 10.10).

Also, I feel that the extension function integration could be improved

If the patch and the general approach taken here are alright, I could
try to fix the Excel ML import problem here:

by providing yet another extension function that allows for a
non-recursive transformation of rows and columns. 

As ever, I hope I got it right with git :-)

Best regards, 


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