[Libreoffice] Need a little help with the easyhack "Strip include guards in idl files"

Christina Roßmanith ChrRossmanith at web.de
Sun Mar 27 12:35:19 PDT 2011

Am 27.03.2011 00:20, schrieb Julien Nabet:
> Hello,
> Concerning the easyhack "Strip include guards in idl files", I pushed 
> 2 patches for the directory "ure/udkapi".
Hi Julien,

as far as I understood the topic in the easy-hacks-list only .idl files 
shall be modified. But your patchset includes lots of .hxx and .cxx as 
well. I saw this not because I'd like to control you, but to find a file 
you had to change manually (and thus should be included in part2 or 3 of 
your patch) and have a look, why the script fails for that example.

Any comments from the experts?


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