[Libreoffice] [PATCH] Easy hacks: Remove misuse of SfxItemSet API from libs-core

Theo van Klaveren theo.van.klaveren at gmail.com
Mon Mar 28 02:25:32 PDT 2011

Hello everyone,

I've started work on removing all calls to SfxItemSet::Put(SfxPoolItem &,
int which) from the code. Attached the first two patches,
which contains mostly easy cases: Almost all SfxPoolItems already contained
the right WhichID, so the extra argument could
just be removed. But there are some slightly more interesting cases in here
as well.

I have more patches ready to go, but I'd like to get these reviewed first to
check I'm on the right path. The really hard cases are
in other parts of the code :)

As always, contributed under LGPLv3+/MPL dual license.

Kind regards,
 - Theo van Klaveren
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