[Libreoffice] XCU and XCS files in recent releases

Olivier Hallot olivier.hallot at documentfoundation.org
Mon Mar 28 11:59:35 PDT 2011

Hi Caolán

Thanks for the tip. I did a simple sitewide snippet, which is apparently 
read at startup ( deducted by reductio ab absurdo: if the xml of the 
snippet is broken, LO does not start), but it does not work as I want 
(and I took it from main.xcd).

The result should be the elimination of the "create new database" in 
Base new database assistant.

Is there a cache thing involved? I have poked around with 
registrymodifications.xcu but got no satisfactory results. So my xcd 
seems inocuous and I must have missed something.

My understandng is that LO reads main.xcd and then the snippets... Is 
that order correct?

Thanks and best regard.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<oor:data xmlns:xs="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema" 
   <oor:component-schema oor:name="DataAccess" 
oor:package="org.openoffice.Office" xml:lang="en-US">
          <group oor:name="Policies">
                 <group oor:name="Features">
                     <group oor:name="Base">
                         <prop oor:name="CreateLocalDatabase" 
                     <group oor:name="Writer">
                         <prop oor:name="DatabaseFields" 
                      <group oor:name="Common">
                         <prop oor:name="EditDatabaseFromDataSourceView" 

Em 24-03-2011 10:45, Caolán McNamara escreveu:
> On Mon, 2011-03-21 at 19:29 -0300, Olivier Hallot wrote:
>> Em 21-03-2011 18:48, Cor Nouws escreveu:
>>> Hi Olivier,
>>> Olivier Hallot wrote (21-03-11 22:29)
>>>> In version 3.2 of OpenOffice we had the feature below implemented
>>>> (allow to configure Base to forbid creation on a new local database)
>>>> http://openoffice.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=96862
>>>> And a schema file was available to enable this configuration.
>>>> Now it seems that the XCU and XCS files vanished since release 3.3. So
>>>> where are they or what replaced them?
>>> Since 3.3.0 we have registrymodifications.xcu in the folder \user ...
> It should still be possible I think to stick a custom sitewide .xcd
> snippet into /path/to/libreoffice/basis3.3/share/registry to overwrite
> defaults, e.g. see tools->options->math->settings and in libreoffice
> they are all off by default, stick this attachment
> into /path/to/libreoffice/basis3.3/share/registry and restart and format
> text and title row should be now toggled "on" by default.
> C.

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