[Libreoffice] Need a little help with the easyhack "Strip include guards in idl files"

Nuno J. Silva nunojsilva at ist.utl.pt
Mon Mar 28 14:00:10 PDT 2011

nunojsilva-s6mEjpzMaPUVhHzd4jOs4w at public.gmane.org (Nuno J. Silva)

> - Some guards are written with lower case, while they're defined in
>   upper case in the included file, like
>    #ifndef __com_sun_star_bridge_XBridge_idl__
>    #include <com/sun/star/bridge/XBridge.idl>
>   while the file does

Actually the issue here is not the case, it's underscores. Sorry for

Nuno J. Silva (aka njsg)

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