[Libreoffice] First build has stalled...

Peter Teeson peter.teeson at bell.net
Tue May 3 19:00:19 PDT 2011

Having got ./autogen to work I decided to try a Buid.
And it has stalled for over an hour at this point.

Last login: Tue May  3 16:44:24 on ttys000
Gandalf:~ pteeson$ cd git/libo
Gandalf:libo pteeson$ make
checking build system type... i686-apple-darwin10.6.0
===== libs-core =====
Cloning into libs-core...
remote: Counting objects: 2955   

So I did Ctl-C

===== libs-core =====
Cloning into libs-core...
^Cmake: *** Deleting file `dmake/dmake'
error: index-pack died of signal 2
fatal: index-pack failed
make: *** [dmake/dmake] Interrupt

Comments? Suggestions?



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