[Libreoffice] [PATCH] [PUSHED] Export of docs with images/charts into xlsx (possibly pptx)

Katarina Machalkova kmachalkova at suse.cz
Wed May 4 04:53:12 PDT 2011

> thanks for the patch! I didn't realize that the code is also used by
> other parts of OOXML export and that it will fire exception in the case
> the property is missing for calc and writer objects.
> The patch looks good, but I think you should keep the test whether >>=
> operator succeeded. Like:
> 		if (xPropSet->getPropertyValue( S( "IsEmptyPresentationObject" ) ) 
> bIsEmptyPresObj) { DBG(printf("empty presentation object %d, props:\n",
> bIsEmptyPresObj)); if( bIsEmptyPresObj )
> 	                   return sal_True;
> 		}

Thanks for review, adjusted the patch according to the above. 
Pushed then (into master, cherry-picked for 3.4). Fixed one more silly 
copy&paste error on the way :)

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  \\\\\\\__o          LibO developer
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