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--- Comment #59 from Rainer Bielefeld <LibreOffice at bielefeldundbuss.de> 2011-05-04 06:51:34 PDT ---
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> There are a number of bugs here that are long standing, [...]

On <http://wiki.documentfoundation.org/Release_Criteria#Blocker_Bug_Nomination>
this bug is listed as blocker tracking task, and I believe we should 
- "redefine" it as a 3.4.0 blocker tracking task
- remove bugs that do not fulfill blocker definition with a pseudo keyword in 
  the whiteboard "former 3.4 mab" (or similar), because most of them are not
  really blockers, but may be bugs with superior severity, so that tracking of 
  them can be continued easily

Currently we have several bugs without any realistic chance to be fixed in 3.4.
listed here, I see your proposals as such ones (may be except "Bug 34814 -
Bullet lists in .docx are loaded incorrectly", IMHO.

I agree with your suggestion.

Additional candidates for removal IMHO might be:
Bug 36613 - LO 3.4 Beta 2 - Hover over icons produces the wrong behavior
Bug 35706 - Ctrl F, Ctrl Alt F doesn't work in Basic IDE in LibO version
Bug 35017 - Shortcuts that can not be modified permanently should be marked
Bug 36262 - Undo BrOffice, return to LibreOffice
Bug 36439 - Find Toolbar won't close if left open
Bug 36519 - For default saving options, ODF format is replaced by the filter
names (writer8, calc8, etc.)
Bug 36547 - Impress: Rendering problems with some .odp files
Bug 36551 - 3.4beta2 can neither be installed as update to 3.3.2 nor alongside
3.3.2 because of packaging conflicts
Bug 36676 - sourroundig lines in paragraphs are missing
Bug 36662 - Missing icons (option controls) in right click > Wrap over an image
Bug 36613 - LO 3.4 Beta 2 - Hover over icons produces the wrong behavior

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