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Michael Meeks michael.meeks at novell.com
Thu May 5 10:16:17 PDT 2011

Hi there,

On Wed, 2011-05-04 at 22:05 -0300, rcsilva83 at gmail.com wrote:
> Very nice, Michael! I think that, at this moment, a tablet (Honeycomb)
> interface is much more needed because it can be a full-featured
> version in a market that isn't dominated by MS Office. Additionally,
> we already have the "OpenOffice Reader" for smatphones that works
> well.

	Sounds good to me :-) I cc'd the dev list incidentally.

> What do your think? Can I focus on that?

	Certainly. In fact Android for tablet or mobile would need to use the
same rendering approach anyway I think, so - I wouldn't worry about

> What about the initial code? Can I commit to a GitHub repository? Do
> you suggest some place else?

	Oh - well; if you git clone the repos, then you can commit to your
local git repository of course.

	As/when you have something that is more generally useful we can get
that into master, as/when it starts to be interesting for others to work
with you - we'll get a commit account setup so you can push to a feature

	How does that sound ? For the while - I suggest you work in your own
git repo, (and I'd recommend getting a Linux build working first so
you're familiar with the build etc.) - and then look at the

	Some other thoughts are: perhaps as a first set of tasks - we would
want to have a -very- cut-down build mode: that throws away lots of
pieces that we don't want: to save size, eg. I don't think 'base'
belongs on a tablet (with hsqldb), nor binfilter, nor rhino or
beanshell, no wizards, and no templates. Possibly our older filter
formats: lwp, wpd, works, dbase,  etc. could be thrown overboard too.

	Possibly it would make sense working on creating a distro-config/ file
(that we can use with autogen.sh) that builds an absolutely minimal
LibreOffice - with as much minority feature-weight removed as possible.
Potentially that means adding new compile options to disable things (eg.
the Java wizards). Possibly we would want to also be able to cut out
things un-needed in a reader - such as the gallery eg.

	All of that should be easy to write and test, on a stock Linux machine
without worrying about cross-compilation etc.



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