[Libreoffice] [GSoc] Project progress.

Anurag Jain anuragjainfzd at gmail.com
Thu May 5 10:57:25 PDT 2011

Hello there,

My project named "Implementing multi-line input bar in LO Calc" is
aimed at making the editing in input bar of calc more easier by making
it multi-line with word-wrap and scrolling feature. Long before the
GSoC I've been under continuous contact and guidance by Kohei Yoshida,
my mentor; whom I'm very thankful. I've been talking to him over IRC
and been learning lot of things from him.

So here I'll point down the work which I've done so far.

1: My main work is related to the inputwin.hxx and inputwin.cxx in sc
module and more specifically to ScTextWnd and ScInputWnd classes. I'm
learning the code and trying to understand it.

2: Since my task required implementation of scrollbar (I've also read
scrollbar class in vcl/scrbar.hxx) and push button, I've reduced the
size of the inputbar in order to accommodate these two components.

3: After that I've to implement the word-wrap in the content text. In
this I've set the page size of the the textbar using the functions in
EditEngine which I'm still working on. As of now I've got a basic word
wrap working equally to the size of input bar. I've still to work on
the text scroll height which it (Edit Engine) offers.

4: Then I'll go for synchronizing the scrollbar with the text wrap and
using push button to show the contents fully.

Apart from this I'd like to know what all patches I can send ? Like
I've been playing with the code, here and there putting printf's to
know the values of the variables, have been converting german comments
with the help of Google translator. Should I send those patches
directly, or I should clean those unnecessary codes before sending the
patch ?  Also I'd like to know at least how may patches does the
community expects in order to get a direct commit access to LO

Thanks and regards.

Anurag Jain
Final yr B.Tech CSE
SASTRA University

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