[Libreoffice] MacOS X Crash of 3.4 Beta same as crash on 3.3.2

Peter Teeson peter.teeson at bell.net
Sun May 8 05:12:31 PDT 2011

On 2011-05-08, at 4:33 AM, Jonathan Aquilina wrote:
> On 05/08/2011 04:00 AM, Peter Teeson wrote:
>> I did read the Partial Debug build instruction but I am not sure I understand.
>> Is this what I should do?  In a new Terminal session
>> cd git/libo
>> source MacOSXX86Env.Set.sh
>> cd sc
>> rm - r $INPATH
>> build debug=true
>> But then what? Do I just do make?
>> Sorry for my ignorance on this.
>> respect...
>> Peter
> Actually you dont need to do the last 2 steps you source
> then go back into the folder and run build that will build just that module.  
> then if that still doesnt work remove the unxlangpro6 folder and re run the build.

OK Here's what I did
cd git/libo
source MacOSXX86Env.Set.sh
cd sc
make -sr clean		#build told me to use make -sr
make -sr debug=true

It produced a new dmg which I installed in Applications and ran.
Got the crash as before.

So how am I supposed to debug? I know how to do that in Xcode.
But this is all new to me. Well to be honest so old - I did this sort of thing in the '70s.
So I need to re-learn / refresh it all again with today's Unix-a-la-Mac.

Do I launch LO and then in terminal run gdb and attach the LO process?
Then set break points in the sc module?

TIA for your help



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