[Libreoffice] Error packaging for Mac OSX from master

Andras Timar timar74 at gmail.com
Tue May 10 01:31:32 PDT 2011


2011/5/10 Alexander Thurgood <alex.thurgood at gmail.com>:
> My main build on master seemed to complete OK, but when packaging it
> fails with :
> ERROR: The following files could not be found:
> ERROR: File not found: oooblogger.oxt

Packager script looks for oooblogger.oxt in %COMMON_DEST%\bin%_EXT%\
(that's the bin folder of the solver). Copy the file there, and you'll
be fine.

When we used the build repo, unpack script copied oooblogger.oxt from
src/ to extras/source/extensions and dmake delivered *.oxt from there
to solver. It does not work when we build from bootstrap, it needs to
be fixed.

> dmake:  Error code 255, while making 'openofficedev_en-US.dmg
> First question : is the "-dev" switch now the default on master ?

Yes it is. You can enable release builds by --enable-release-build
configure switch.

Best regards,

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