[Libreoffice] Libreoffice not builds

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at novell.com
Tue May 10 02:12:13 PDT 2011

Hi there,

On Tue, 2011-05-10 at 08:07 +0400, Гуляев Гоша wrote:
> Hello! I do recommended steps (from error output)

	Hokay - so a compile-time unit test is failing to run:

> ----------------------------------------------------------
> - start unit test #1 on library ../../unxfbsdi.pro/lib/test_metadatable.so
> ----------------------------------------------------------
> : &&     LD_LIBRARY_PATH=${LD_LIBRARY_PATH+${LD_LIBRARY_PATH}:}/var/XXX/libreoffice-build-  /var/XXX/libreoffice-build- ../../unxfbsdi.pro/lib/test_metadatable.so
> terminate called after throwing an instance of 'com::sun::star::lang::IllegalArgumentException'
> /usr/local/bin/bash: line 1: 46233 Abort trap: 6           LD_LIBRARY_PATH=${LD_LIBRARY_PATH+${LD_LIBRARY_PATH}:}/var/XXX/libreoffice-build- /var/XXX/libreoffice-build- ../../unxfbsdi.pro/lib/test_metadatable.so
> dmake:  Error code 134, while making 'test1'

	Possibly this is locale related can you: export LANG=C after sourcing
that environment, and re-try ?

	Failing that  we need to run that test under gdb; to do that:


	and re-run 'build' - hopefully that will generate an interesting gdb
trace that we can analyse to get to the root cause.

	Thanks !


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