[Libreoffice] [LibreOffice][GSoC 2011][svgexport] weekly report

Christoph Herzog rhogez at googlemail.com
Mon May 16 00:44:57 PDT 2011

On 05/16/2011 09:02 AM, Marco wrote:

> I'm still very busy with studies, indeed, anyway I started practicing
> LibreOffice debugging with DDD, (thanks to moggi for his support on IRC)
> I'd like to be able to debug it under Eclipse CDT, so I'm going to
> investigate this possibility.

I (and may be others too) would be very grateful if you could take down 
some notes about your experience, possible traps etc. in the Developer 
Wiki. It need not be nicely formated (I or someone else could do this 
later at some time) but I presume your experience would be rather 
valuable for beginners in hacking LO.
Thanks a lot

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