[Libreoffice] Reverted Graphite 0.9.4 changes

Fridrich Strba fstrba at novell.com
Mon May 16 06:57:29 PDT 2011

Hello, good people,

I reverted graphite2 0.9.4 changes pushed to libreoffice-3-4.

The reasons are following:

1) libreoffice-3-4 needs at this point a review of at least one person
to be pushed to. We are at a point of release cycle where we cannot
waste days fixing builds of things that were pushed although not really

2) the changes themselves broke Windows build. All other reasoning

It is true that those changes were supposed to fix a bug. It is possible
to have such a fix pushed, but let us do it then in a patch that fixes
that particular problem and not in a full-pledged upgrade that was (as I
can see) tested maybe on one only platform.

No offense intended, althought I am a bit p**** off.


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