[Libreoffice] LibreOffice / OpenOffice.org sniffing in extension

Laurent Godard oooconv at free.fr
Mon May 16 07:53:05 PDT 2011

Hi Christophe

perharps not perfect (and in fact surely ;) )
here is how i quickly solved this using macros
can be implemented in java

btw, perharps not the right mailing list




function isLibreOffice

	dim aSettings, nom

	aSettings = getConfigSetting("/org.openoffice.Setup/Product", false)
	nom = aSettings.ooName
	isLibreOffice = (nom = "LibreOffice")

end function

function getConfigSetting(target as string, forUpdate as boolean)

	dim service as String ' nom du service d'acces à la configuration
	dim aSettings, aConfigProvider
	dim aParams(0) As new com.sun.star.beans.PropertyValue
	dim varEmpty

	if forUpdate then
		service = "com.sun.star.configuration.ConfigurationUpdateAccess"
		service = "com.sun.star.configuration.ConfigurationAccess"
	aConfigProvider = createUnoService(
"com.sun.star.configuration.ConfigurationProvider" )
	aParams(0).Name = "nodepath"
	aParams(0).Value = target

	aSettings = aConfigProvider.createInstanceWithArguments(service,
aParams() )
	getConfigSetting = aSettings

end function

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