[Libreoffice] LibreOffice / OpenOffice.org sniffing in extension

Fernand Vanrie sos at pmgroup.be
Mon May 16 10:53:45 PDT 2011

dag Christophe ,

in Basic and OO i use, works also for LO i think :-)

If (Not GlobalScope.BasicLibraries.isLibraryLoaded("Tools")) Then
    End If
xray GetRegistryKeyContent("org.openoffice.Setup/Product")

hope it helps

> Hi,
> I am involved in a project that develops a few extensions (mostly in Java)
> for OpenOffice.org and LibreOffice, and I would like to find a way to make
> an extension detect in which of these two office suites it is installed. I
> have not been able to find this in API documentation or elsewhere. Can you
> give me a hint?
> (Background: each of the extensions work in both OOo and LibO, but two of
> the extensions can't be used together in LibO 3.3.)
> Best regards,
> Christophe

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