[Libreoffice] environ not found

Thomas Klausner wiz at NetBSD.org
Wed May 18 08:13:40 PDT 2011


Does this ring a bell for anyone?

cp -f batch.bat ../../../unxbsdx3.pro/bin/batch.bat
Making:    libosl_process.so
../../../unxbsdx3.pro/slo/osl_process.o: In function `read_parent_environment(std::vector<std::string, rtl::Allocator<std::string> >*)':
osl_process.cxx:(.text+0x416): undefined reference to `environ'
osl_process.cxx:(.text+0x4a0): undefined reference to `environ'
dmake:  Error code 1, while making '../../../unxbsdx3.pro/lib/libosl_process.so'
Retrying /disk/2/archive/libreoffice/sal/qa/osl/process

I checked and the visits the
    extern char** environ;
line in that file, and environ(7) says
     extern char **environ;
     An array of strings called the environment is made available by execve(2)
     when a process begins.  By convention these strings have the form

And nm on /usr/lib/crt0.o reports:
0000000000000000 r .LC0
0000000000000020 r .LC1
0000000000000048 r .LC2
                 w _DYNAMIC
                 U _GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_
0000000000000000 T ___start
0000000000000000 D __progname
0000000000000000 B __ps_strings
0000000000000110 T __start
                 U __syscall
                 U _exit
                 U _fini
                 U _init
                 U _libc_init
0000000000000110 T _start
                 U atexit
0000000000000008 C environ
                 U exit
                 U main


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