[Libreoffice] [REVIEW] Fix for fdo#37322: Calc binary import crasher

Katarina Machalkova kmachalkova at suse.cz
Thu May 19 07:28:19 PDT 2011

Ladies & gentlemen,

can some1 please review & sign-off the attached patch? Since it is a crasher, 
I'd kindly ask for 3 sign-offs and push to 3.4 as well as 3.4.0

It is some fallout from commit 88cf93a5a68a11cab (deprecated container removal 
effort - surprise, surprise) and I wonder how the given code path might have 
ever worked before. That is:

XclImpNameManager::ReadName() -> XclImpName ctor -> ExcelToSc8::Convert() -> 

must've in some cases been trying to retrieve object from defined name list 
which is not yet there (since we're still in the process of constructing it). 
But likely the former container just returned NULL and the calling code was 
happy with it, unlike boost::ptr_vector which throws when attempting to 
retrieve object beyond the container size.

I did a brief sanity test to see if we export the same no. of defined names as 
we imported and it seems to have passed.

Thx (for all the fish)

  \\\\\              Katarina Machalkova    
  \\\\\\\__o          LibO developer
__\\\\\\\'/_          & hedgehog painter
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