[Libreoffice] Please, review the patch to baside2b.cxx on 17-Feb-2011

Clio menenem at bk.ru
Fri May 20 07:08:35 PDT 2011

I suggest to review the last change to baside2b.cxx on master, because 
this doesn't fix anything and causes regressions. At last, all previous 
changes to that file such as code cleanup and translations were removed 
by this last patch.

Please, look at the history:

The last commit is by ab, see i#108119# (Bug 108119 – Undo and Redo 
buttons don't work in OOo Basic in OOO320m8

The fix on 17-Feb-2011 added only 1 line:
468                pBindings->Invalidate( SID_UNDO );

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