[Libreoffice] problem to clone translations git repository

Thorsten Behrens thb at documentfoundation.org
Sat May 21 16:09:36 PDT 2011

Jean-Baptiste Faure wrote:
> > I can confirm this behaviour on the normal LO master repositories
> > yesterday, not to mention anongit access to the repos is super slow.
> After many attempts I finally succeeded to clone translations repository.
> I don't know why. ;-)
Hi *,

so - this seems to be a festering problem, that anongit is
notoriously slow & sometimes just times out for larger repos. In
contrast, ssh does not seem to have that issue.

As a stop-gap measure, we're now providing tarballs (one-in-all) for
the necessary git repos - those get updated once a week, so just
unpack them into your clone/ subdir, and do a "./g checkout -f &&
./g pull -r" to get you up-to-date:


If someone needs the translation repo, that's packed separately:



-- Thorsten
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