[Libreoffice] Report [GSoC] [helpfiles]

Jan Holesovsky kendy at suse.cz
Mon May 23 05:06:54 PDT 2011

Hi Timo,

On 2011-05-23 at 01:55 +0200, Timo wrote:

> this is what I have done so far:
> - Searched several libraries that parse wikicode
> - Used a python library which parses wikisyntax
> - Used a python library which outputs docbook-files
> - Discovered an implementation of CHM-Compiler in freepascal

Great stuff! :-)

> These are the tasks for the future:
> - Implement bindings between the freepascal-CHM-Compiler and a modern
> object orientated programming language
> - Depending on the complexity of used libraries, implement classes for
> the help converter
> - Implement the conversion to CHM

Before you do this, it would be great to try the DocBook's own converter
to the help files.  It seems to be part of the DocBook distribution;
some examples how it works are here:


It uses cygwin, but I think you can do the same in Linux.  The last step
is calling hhc.exe, but hopefully this might run in Wine?  Can you
please try?

> - Implement the conversion to html
> - Testing and documentation

To add to your TOOD: One thing that will be important, and will probably
take some effort is to make sure the cross-referencing from LibreOffice
to the system help works as expected; ie. when you do F1 inside a dialog
box, you'll get exactly the help page the dialog is linked to.

Thank you a lot,

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