[Libreoffice] [Patch] GTK+ integration

xapantu xapantu at gmail.com
Mon May 23 09:54:26 PDT 2011


Here are some patchs to solve problems in GTK integration:

- Fix separators, they weren't properly aligned, and they didn't use
gtk_paint_box when needed some gtk themes/engine draw lines with box ^^
(for 3d appearance for instance)

- Fix pressed toolbar buttons state: it wasn't drawn correctly (it must
have been caused by some change in the DrawNativeControl calls)

- Fix toolbar buttons background: window background was paint, but the
background was the toolbar, so, now, the background of the toolbar is

- Use gtk_paint_box instead of gtk_paint_flat_box for buttondefault, it
wasn't correct and caused some weird things in the corners of selected
buttons, see the options dialog, "ok" button for example.

- Code cleanup: remove a function call which set the widgets flags, it
is useless (and could cause some segfaults) since we must specify widget
state and shadow in gtk_paint_(flat_)box.
- Code cleanup: remove duplicated code, toolbar button are now drawn
using the same function as normal buttons.

They belong to libs-gui, module vcl.

By chance, the second one could be pushed to the 3.4 branch? I'm not
sure if it is still possible, but it causes a really bad glitch for the
toolbar buttons (and it is a regression, 3.3 didn't have this problem).
The separator thing is also a bit annoying, since I think separators are
also in 3.4 changelog.
And since most of this patch only impacts the toolbar, I don't think
there could be any problem with it.

Lucas Baudin

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