[Libreoffice] Word doesn't see symbols

Dennis E. Hamilton dennis.hamilton at acm.org
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I don't know which is CDOT in OpenSymbol (it looks like a vertically-centered dot, but it appears attached to the "b" in the JPG and there are at least six symbols that look like it in OpenSymbol), so I couldn't check this but ...

Do you have Lucida Sans Unicode on your installation of Writer?  It may work better to choose your symbols from there if you can find the ones you want.  Check the Unicode that LO Writer shows for the character in OpenSymbol and then look at other fonts to see which ones also have the symbol for that Unicode Code Point.

Look in the Insert | Special Character ... dialog for matches in different fonts.

Not a perfect solution, but it might provide a work-around for now.

 - Dennis

PS: I looked in Symbol and it doesn't have the character you want, so font substitution won't help.  But other fonts seem to have centered small dots.

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I create math symbols on writer. It doesn't have font "Symbol". Only "OpenSymbol". Next I send document to somebody, who have only MS Word. 
He doesn't have "OpenSymbol". Word doesn't display some symbols. For example CDOT on math equation.

It's a problem when I must work with somebody who has only Word.

It could be solved if I could change font to official "Symbol". But I don't see it on properties.

Maybe better compatibility on saving to doc...

Any suggestions?
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