[Libreoffice] Work Flow Inquiry

Jan Holesovsky kendy at suse.cz
Mon May 30 09:07:34 PDT 2011

Hi Bjoern,

On 2011-05-30 at 11:19 +0200, Bjoern Michaelsen wrote:

> > Personally, I think I'd still recommend working on master if possible
> > and make changes against that rather than compound the complications.
> /me too. But I think I made that point sufficiently clear already in
> the ESC call.

So - as long as you don't force people to do this [ie. don't force this
as a rule, but instead let them decide if they are willing to wait for
the merge of the branch into the master (working mostly on the branch
before the release), or whether they prefer to cherry-pick whatever
direction], I am fine.  It only pollutes the history a bit after the
merge, but that's it.

I understood your request that working on master first, and
cherry-picking later would became a rule - which I am opposed to.  I
don't care if my changes appear in master just immediately; waiting is
fine for me, and better than having to build both master and the
branch(es) to see that I broke neither master, nor libreoffice-3-4.

Either way - I hope that now, after the m106 merge, this is not that
much an issue any more.  I have just merged the RC2 tag of
libreoffice-3-4 into master, and I am getting it to compile locally.
The subsequent merges are going to be much easier, and anybody missing
something in master can do them.


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