[Libreoffice] 8 combinations of Python support: do we really need that?

Tor Lillqvist tlillqvist at novell.com
Tue May 31 02:53:15 PDT 2011

> Of course, there are not eight meaningful combinations; if you disable
> python you get nothing at all. 

Well, are you sure that is what --disable-python means? I am not sure. But if that is what it means, that no Python will be built or used, then at least the help for that option should say so, instead of just "Disable build of Python 2.x UNO API" which sounds to me just like a subset of Python-related functionality being disabled.

> Would you prefer a:
> 	--with-python=disable,system,internal

Of course; and if that is what we want, to have just three clear alternatives, then indeed I will go for it;)

I.e., the alternatives would be:

--with-python=auto (the default): Check if there is a system Python, if so use that, otherwise build the internal Python. Use either to offer all Python-related functionality.

--with-python=disable: Don't use any Python at run time and also not at build time. (Remember, Hanno said translate-toolkit uses python, so does this then mean that this can be done only in a en-US-only build? No big deal IMHO.) Don't offer any Python-related functionality at run-time.

--with-python=system: Require a system Python, do some checks in configure that it indeed exists, and use it  to offer all Python-related functionality.

--with-python=internal: Build the internal Python and use it  to offer all Python-related functionality. Also use it for translate-toolkit.

In practice, I guess the only case where --with-python=disable would be expected to be used would be some very hurried build to check something totally unrelated. Or experimental builds for new platforms where there is enough trouble otherwise already, and figuring out what to do with Python is left for later.


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