[Libreoffice] Fwd: [Repo] HG repo with CWSes archived

Michael Stahl mst at openoffice.org
Tue Oct 4 01:29:34 PDT 2011


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Subject: [Repo] HG repo with CWSes archived
Date: Tue, 04 Oct 2011 10:15:55 +0200
From: Michael Stahl <mst at openoffice.org>
Newsgroups: gmane.comp.apache.incubator.ooo.devel

hi all,

as a backup/archive of the historic OOo code i've put up a HG repo
containing OOO340 + all HG CWSes, with bookmarks.


note that unfortunately HG does not push/pull/clone/bundle bookmarks by
default, so if you want the bookmarks in your local clone something
explicit is needed:

hg pull -B ab78 -B accfixes2 -B accfixes3 -B accia2bridge -B accstuff -B
ause130 -B ause131 -B automationdev300m106 -B automationdev300m106ext -B
automationooo340m0 -B aw080 -B boost142 -B calc67 -B calc68 -B calc69 -B
calcdatatables -B calcishmakkica -B calcphonetic -B callcatcher -B
cbosdo04 -B cbosdo06 -B cmcfixes79 -B container_controls -B contextmenu1
-B contl10n01 -B dockingwindows2 -B dr81 -B extbxctrls -B findbar02 -B
fs34c -B fs35a -B fwk168 -B gnumake4 -B gtk3 -B hb23 -B hccalc01 -B
hcshared30 -B headeradd -B hr77 -B hsqldb19 -B impress212 -B impresshtmlex
-B impressmedia01 -B jl155 -B jl166 -B jsc342 -B kde4enable -B
koheichart02 -B kso47 -B kso50 -B l10ntooling20 -B ldorder01 -B lihuivba01
-B loadodf -B loadofd -B macmetallicremote2009 -B master -B mav58 -B
mba34issues01 -B mbacodecleanup -B mh8tz -B mib20 -B mingwport35 -B
native356 -B native372 -B native373 -B new_itemsets2 -B notes12 -B oj22 -B
ooo340fixes -B ooo34gsl02 -B ooxml07 -B ooxml11 -B os138 -B os148 -B
perfbenchmarker01 -B quicklookplugin01 -B rtftok01 -B sb140 -B sb143 -B
sb144 -B sd2gbuild -B sdf2 -B sdk350 -B setsolar01 -B slidesorter1 -B
sw34bf06 -B swbookmarkfixes01 -B swcoreseparation -B swrefactordlusage02
-B swundo4 -B textalignment01 -B tkr37 -B tkr41 -B tl77 -B tml11 -B
tmp_otf02 -B toolsfixes -B tora01 -B vbasupportdev300_HG -B vcl122 -B
writercompare01 https://bitbucket.org/mst/ooo340

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