[Libreoffice] OOo CWSes

Michael Stahl mst at openoffice.org
Tue Oct 4 02:55:08 PDT 2011

hi all,

is there a plan to integrate the outstanding OOo CWSes into LibO?

AFAIK the last HG milestone that was merged into LO is DEV300m106.

since then a bunch of 3.4-targeted CWSes were integrated into OOO340m1,
which is (modulo some missing files) the initial revision of the ApacheOOo
SVN repo.

the delta between DEV300m106 and OOO340m1 is 163 non-merge changesets.

over at ApacheOOo, the following CWSes with a 3.4 target have been
integrated on top of that:

- calc67
- calc68
- native373
- ooo34gsl02
- ooo34gsl01
- jl167
- impress212
- ooo340fixes
- mingwport35
- jsc341
- mh8tz (well, a single hunk of a single patch, the rest seemed obsolete)
- tkr41
- sw34bf06
- fs34c
- slidesorter1
- calc69
- automationooo340m0
- mba34issues01

these shouldn't contain substantial changes but only release-critical

on the other hand, the LO code base has diverged a bit, so who knows what
could break by merging these.

i guess we should take a look and merge anything looking useful into
master, then see what breaks :)

perhaps we could use something like gerrit for reviewing the changes
(Bjoern wanted to set this up, right)?

has anybody worked on merging yet?


PS: there are also some unfinished CWSes that look very useful, such as
tl77 which removes all PoolItem binary serialization code (and
unfortunately introduces some regressions, at least AFAIR).

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