[Libreoffice] [PATCH] Replace WW8Bytes with ww::bytes

Jan Holesovsky kendy at suse.cz
Wed Oct 5 07:46:44 PDT 2011

Hi Maciej,

On 2011-10-05 at 10:39 +0200, Maciej Rumianowski wrote:

> There was a lot of WW8Bytes( SV_DECL_VARARR ) which was partly replaced
> with ww::bytes. This set of patches totally migrates code to ww::bytes.

Very nice, thank you! :-)

Before pushing, I wonder - ww::bytes is std::vector<sal_uInt8>; is there
a reason not to make it std::basic_string<sal_uInt8> instead?  That
would allow you to convert the pO->GetData() to something like
po->data(), instead of &(*pO)[0] (and similar) used on many places...

Thank you,

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