[Libreoffice] oox/source/drawingml/customshapepresets.cxx is just (Offensive Word Found In Message) too much for gcc

Kevin Hunter hunteke at earlham.edu
Thu Oct 6 21:00:16 PDT 2011

At 6:28am -0400 Thu, 06 Oct 2011, Norbert Thiebaud wrote:
> 2011/10/6 Norbert Thiebaud:
>> I'll give it a shot...
> Not that I expect it to make a big difference... since most of the
> compiles are ccached...

As an nth data point on the matter, I've been using ccache for awhile, 
and my builds take longer.  Anecdotally (because I'm not focused on 
ccache specifically), I turned it off the other day, and my builds 
reduced from about 2 hours to 1h15m.*  For reference, my ccache size is 
8G, but only 1.8 G has been used.  My hits at about 12,000 are about 
half of my misses.



* Both of those numbers are _very_ rough averages (created from memory 
of my "alias make='time make'" output), my builds compile in the 
background, at nice +19, on a puny dual-core 4G machine with a latent 
rotating HDD.  The majority of my builds are "./g pull -r; make" used 
for testing.  The less rough average is the "make distclean; ./g pull 
-r; make" workflow, which reduced a 3h30m compile to about 2h05m on the 
same hardware.

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