[Libreoffice] Declarations after statements

Dennis E. Hamilton dennis.hamilton at acm.org
Mon Oct 10 15:22:23 PDT 2011

It would seem that, unless C-unique incompatibilities with C++ are involved, compiling as C++,
even though only C constructs are used, does the job in VC++.  One can still force C
calling conventions but that might take more work if C Language header files have not been 
adjusted to work properly with either of C/C++. 

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> Declarations after statements are possible only in C99. And MSVC does
> not support C99 (refrain from bitching here, please).

sorry Tor, I was not enthusiasm, just systematic and from *xes world.
... and I am - almost - too young to know there was a C89 before...

If time allows, I will try during the dark winter days to compile with 
this strange outdated software called , kind of a black power as I 
heard, MSVC 2010 :-)

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