[Libreoffice] --enable-pch

Michael Stahl mstahl at redhat.com
Mon Oct 17 01:58:58 PDT 2011

hi all,

does anybody know why on MSVC builds --enable-pch is not on by default?

it should speed up the build substantially, and once upon a time they 
used to work (were enabled in setsolar environment iirc).

there could be problems because PCH effectively leads to including more 
files than otherwise.

most likely problems that come to mind are collisions between various 
Reference classes, and those annoying tools types BOOL, ULONG etc.

but nowadays the tools types are gone!  so that problem is fixed.

for the Reference it should be possible without much effort to remove 
all using namespace ::rtl.

alas, i don't build on windows myself, so: does anybody use it, and what 
are the issues that prevent it from being on by default?

a faster build should make life easier for our windows-using developers; 
i've heard complaints from some that a LO windows build takes 2-3 times 
as long as an OOo build.


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