[Libreoffice] Decoupled NSS and Mozilla in the build

Jan Holesovsky kendy at suse.cz
Tue Oct 18 03:20:13 PDT 2011


Markus found out that when you provide --disable-mozilla, you lose the
xml security features provided by NSS.  After:


it shouldn't be the case any more.  NSS is not built in the moz module
for quite some time already, instead the internal NSS is used, so the
decoupling was a matter of few fixes; hopefully it is OK now.

If you want the previous behavior (ie. no NSS, no XML security), please
specify --disable-nss-module additionally to --disable-mozilla.

After this, I believe the only use of Mozilla (module moz) in our build
is the Mozilla address book.  Or do you know of any other use?


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