[Libreoffice] Decoupled NSS and Mozilla in the build

Jan Holesovsky kendy at suse.cz
Tue Oct 18 05:32:26 PDT 2011

Hi Caolan,

On 2011-10-18 at 11:29 +0100, Caolán McNamara wrote:

> > After this, I believe the only use of Mozilla (module moz) in our build
> > is the Mozilla address book.  Or do you know of any other use?
> There is also some ldap stuff built by default around the moz chain,
> though there is an alternative openldap solution as well, though we
> don't have any "internal-openldap" support for the windows case. Not
> exactly sure how to test that stuff.

Ah, good point, thanks!

Also --disable-nss-module is needed with MinGW cross-compilation for

> I think I mentioned before that some of the mozilla-profile-finding code
> is reused to *find* where your moz certificates are, in order to list
> them for the xml signing.

I also saw this


when doing the changes, but it looked to me "good enough", but of course
ideas how to actually test it would be great :-)

> IIRC there are two implementations, one when moz is built, and one when
> it isn't. And the second one is a super-minimal version which might be
> "good enough" for the general case, at least it has been the default
> path we use in Fedora for ages anyway, so apparently good-enough.
> connectivity/source/drivers/mozab/bootstrap is that stuff I think, i.e.
> there's a mozilla-profile-finding service in there. Checking that it
> works on MacOSX/Windows (if that's relevant) has always been my blocker
> for defaulting to/improving the minimal one

OK, will check at some stage.

Either way - this all still needs more polishing to be really useful
[ie. to be able to throw away the moz module ;-)], but hopefully should
improve the experience of those building with --disable-mozilla.


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