[Libreoffice] Trying to diagnose base running extremely slowly

John Talbut jt at dpets.co.uk
Wed Oct 19 07:10:26 PDT 2011

Hi Kendy
> OK, good; so what you can do to help to analyze it more, is to look at
> the strace output, and see if the reason for hang in
> java.net.PlainSocketimpl.socketAccept is actually something that can be
> worked around.
I have got an strace, it is at

The approximate times for the operations I was carrying out are:
Start  19:05
Open test.odb
Go to tables pane 19:06:22 - 19:06:40
Open table 19:07 - 19:08 (first show) - 19:08:45 (finish loading 1st page)
Maximise  19:09:07 - 19:09:35 (finish loading 1st page)
Go to last record 19:09:50 - 19:11:56

I cannot find any reference to anything like 
java.net.PlainSocketimpl.socketAccept in the trace.

What I notice is that there is a set of lines starting with
and ending with

(the number is not always 72) that is repeated more or less identically 
some 12,000 times in the 7 minute run.  Since each set appears to take 
around .02 seconds that alone would account for some 4 minutes of the run.


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