[Libreoffice] [GSoC] conversion program

Timo timo at iera.de
Thu Oct 20 04:16:04 PDT 2011

Hi everybody,

I give you these criticism as a hint about my conversion program that I
created as a gsoc project. If you want anything to change, please
contact me.
- Start pages defined via --startpage are applied for all CHM files.
This might conflict with the idea of language separation inside CHM
- My program applies bugfixes on mwlib dynamically. I have not tested
what happens if the mwlib project adds my bugfixes to their standard
- According to the mwlib mailing list, Arabic and Hebrew are not yet
supported. But at this time these languages are being implemented.
- The index list consists of keywords. You can find it in the index tab
of your CHM browser or Yelp. All page titles have been marked as
keywords but it is also possible to mark more or other words as keywords
for the index tab.
- CHM is being compiled with a nonfree external compiler from Microsoft.
Where do you want to go today? To solve this bug it is a very good idea
to implement our own chm compiler. Because wine would not have to be
used, the whole program would be faster.

Nevertheless the conversion program does what it should.


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