[Libreoffice] Fwd: Re: patch for scan-diialog

Rob Snelders rob at ertai.nl
Thu Oct 20 11:37:18 PDT 2011


Here are 3 patches that together make the code for adding the 
scan-button to the sanedlg.

These patches are submitted under the LGPLv3+/MPL-licence.

Rob Snelders

On 20-10-11 09:39, Stephan Bergmann wrote:
> On 10/19/2011 10:30 PM, Rob Snelders wrote:
>> I tried to add the XScannerManager2. But when I try with this patch then
>> the menu-items are disabled. I have tried to search where the problem
>> was but I can´t find it. Can you help me?
> Hi Rob,
> The new file offapi/com/sun/star/scanner/XScannerManager2.idl is missing
> from the patch (I guess you did not git add it before you created the
> git diff).
> Then, as Markus already pointed out, the ScannerManager class needs to
> be adapted, to derive from XScannerManager2.
> Further, I noted that when configureScannerAndScan in scanunx.cxx calls
> the SaneDlg constructor, it should pass "listener.is()" instead of
> "(listener != NULL)" for bScanEnabled. While the latter (happens to)
> work as well, the former is much cleaner and the preferred idiom when
> working with com::sun::star::uno::Reference.
> And finally, the scanwin.cxx case does not support the new feature at
> all, right? Then we should at least change the end of the changed line
> in that file from "const uno::Reference< lang::XEventListener >&
> rxListener )" to "const uno::Reference< lang::XEventListener >& )", to
> avoid warnings about unused parameters. Better yet, the button should be
> hidden. (Or even better yet, the new functionality should be
> implemented...)
> If you provide the missing XScannerManager2.idl, I can tweak the above
> issues in the patch for you, if you like.
> -Stephan
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