[Libreoffice] minutes of tech. steering call ...

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at suse.com
Thu Oct 20 13:52:54 PDT 2011

	+ Stephan, Petr, Michael, Andras, Mitch, Thorster, Rainer,
	  Michael Stahl, Caolan, Tor, Kendy, Eike, Bjoern, Norbert

* Completed Action Items
        + publicise our list of ODF proposals / extensions (Thorsten)
	+ add potential removal of two-layer LibO to LibreOffice 4plan

* Pending Action Items
        + default to TM safe (non-TDF) branding (Thorsten)
        + enable on-line updates for QA in cross-compiled dalies ... (Kendy)
	+ adding l10n code is currently done by pair of VB Scripts
	  need to grok & port these to a better tool. (Andras)
	+ default to Andras' new MSI building method and release-note when done (Andras)
	+ come up with a list of QA heros for next meeting (Rainer)

* Agenda items
        + pending action items
	+ release mgmt bits (Petr)
		+ 3.4.4 RC1 freeze on Monday - get things in fast.
		+ 3.5.0 feature freeze Dec 5th
	+ conference summary / round-up
		+ Awesome. (Bjoern)
	+ easy hacks dissection (Bjoern)
AA:		+ do more analysis on Rainer's numbers (Bjoern)
	+ about to merge feature/gtk3 (Michael)
		+ compiles on Mac, and MingW without issues
		+ poke me if you have concerns
	+ Gerrit Migration:
		+ http://wiki.documentfoundation.org/Development/GerritMigration
		+ start on dev-tools repo as a test case
		+ get people's accounts setup etc.
		+ concerns wrt. removing visibility of patches on list (Caolan)
			+ happy enough given custom tooling to integrate with list
		+ tinderbox / security fun - suck and see.
		+ no major objections => proceed.
	+ QA update (Rainer)
		+ check the 3.3.5 branch
			+ most prolly no new release / no new QA load etc.
		+ Bugzilla upgrade
			+ many thanks to Tollef
			+ have the 'UNCONFIRMED' state - by default
			+ around 2k un-reviewed bugs, as 'NEW' needs to
			  be UNCONFIRMED cf. legacy whiteboard status.
				+ too much E-mail spam changing them
		+ Bug submission assistant
			+ no OS selection (can detect that)
			+ used frequently, 40+ new reports
			+ reports using assistant are viewed as higher quality
			+ should we include this into the help menu for 3.5 ?
				+ Rainer - yes
AA:				+ needs a static / fixed URL from Florian (Rainer)
				+ can always turn it off / make it different if problems.
AA:		+ pull together existing QA stats for Cor's research (Rainer)
	+ Mitch
		+ getting stuck into Windows / mingw build etc.

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