[Libreoffice] Python on Windows

Stephan Bergmann sbergman at redhat.com
Thu Oct 20 14:21:52 PDT 2011

I must confess that in 
"Undo basis/brand split: moved Python from basis to brand." I did some 
blind changes to Windows-only code in pyuno/zipcore/python.cxx.  (Did I 
mention I still did not succeed with a Windows-in-a-virtual-machine LibO 
build?  Yeah, should probably try a MinGW cross-compile instead...)

Anyway, if anybody less Windows-phobic than me would like to check out 
whether pyuno still works on Windows, that would be great:

(a) pyuno/zipcore/pyhton.cxx might actually not compile at all -- 
tinderboxes should already note that...

(b) pyuno within LibO might no longer work.  An easy way to test that is 
to build desktop/$INPATH/misc/passive.oxt via "cd 
desktop/test/deployment/passive && dmake", install it in LibO, and see 
that the three entries in the new "passive" menu each pop up a dialog 
(esp. the "python" entry, of course).

(c) pyuno as run from an external python process might no longer work. 
An easy way to test that is to start the interactive python executable 
from the LibO program directory and execute "include uno" (and/or 
"include pyuno"; not sure right now which one is the more interesting, 
but if both work I'd guess that's good).


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