[Libreoffice] [PUSHED] String::CompareIngoreCaseToAscii

Jan Holesovsky kendy at suse.cz
Fri Oct 21 09:22:35 PDT 2011

Hi August, Michael,

Michael Meeks píše v Pá 21. 10. 2011 v 10:13 +0100:

> 	Ooh ! :-) this is really nice. I was previously fooled by the subject
> into not noticing that this was some sexy code cleanup + unit testing
> patch.

Michael - thank you a lot for pushing this, and sorry, August, that I
did not get to that earlier :-(  I did a small follow-up patch:


August, can you please check that I actually did not break it? ;-)  The
first hunk should do the same thing as it was doing before your String
-> OUString conversion (force copy), just with fewer operations.

The second hunk should fix a hidden O(n^2) complexity (OUStringBuffer
creation + removal of 1 character for every cSep found).

Your unit tests pass fine, but better when more eyes actually look at
the code too :-)

Thank you,

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