[Libreoffice] [PATCH] Match the correct function template specialization (in autodoc)

Kristian Rietveld kris at lanedo.com
Sat Oct 22 02:37:51 PDT 2011

This is one for the C++ experts.

My understanding of the issue is that when the EV_TokenId typedef is 
expanded, the resulting E_TokenId part is ambiguous.  Therefore, fully 
specifying the E_TokenId fixes the problem.

The kind of warning that is fixed by this patch is:

/source/libo/libo/autodoc/source/parser_i/idl/tk_keyw.cxx:110:29: error: 
no function template matches function template specialization 'Values_'
TokBuiltInType::EV_TokenId::Values_()       { return 
G_aTokBuiltInType_EV_TokenId_Values; }

(Please keep me on CC as I am not subscribed to this list).


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