[Libreoffice] Building LibreOffice with Clang

Kristian Rietveld kris at lanedo.com
Sat Oct 22 03:26:25 PDT 2011

Hi all,

At the LibreOffice conference last week, I attempted to compile 
LibreOffice using the Clang compiler.  Some might have seen my brief 
lightning talk about this on the conference Friday.  During the last few 
minutes of the conference the build completed successfully (which is why 
I didn't make it on the group photo ;).

The patches that were needed to get the build to complete have been 
submitted to this mailing list this morning.  This is not the full story 
however, there are two more problems which are likely problems in Clang 
and the resulting application crashes on start up.

I have set up a wiki page to describe and keep track of the build 
configuration, compiler issues, patches and problems in the resulting 
executable at the following location:


In the near future I hope to find some time to finish debugging the 
issue that is causing LibreOffice to crash on start up, but I cannot 
promise anything unfortunately.

(Please keep me on CC as I am not subscribed to this list, thanks!).



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