[Libreoffice] Question about resource-IDs

Regina Henschel rb.henschel at t-online.de
Mon Oct 24 07:22:04 PDT 2011

Hi all,

I want to add some line ends, which are used in UML diagrams, to 
standard.soe. Problem is the localization of the names of that new line 
ends. Please correct me where I'm wrong in the following:

In svx/source/dialog/sdstring.src the resource-IDs of kind 
RID_SVXSTR_LEND0 are connected to the English display name of the line end.
/translations/source/<lang>/svx/source/dialog.po contains the 
translation for this display name.

What is the task of those RID_SVXSTR_LEND0_DEF kind, with the ending 

The actual number of the resource-ID is defined in /svx/inc/svx/dialogs.hrc

I first thought I could add such resource-IDs, but the numbers are 
consecutive, so after RID_SVXSTR_LEND12_DEF follows immediately 
RID_SVXSTR_LEND0. And at the end of the range there are only free 
numbers from 'RID_SVX_START + 796' to 'RID_SVX_START + 799', perhaps to 
'RID_SVX_START + 801', if those in cuires.hrc does not conflict with 
these in dialogs.hrc. But that are not enough for 7 new line ends.

So, what to do? What is allowed, what is recommend?

Kind regards

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