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Fridrich Strba fridrich.strba at suse.com
Tue Oct 25 02:03:44 PDT 2011

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Actually, the post/preincrement change was an accidental one. The
problem I have is that the writeperfect source code lives in two
different places. The original code lives in
sourceforge.new/projects/libwpd as writerperfect module. That one
produces standalone converters for all the file-format. And that is
the place where it all started, kind of historical original place. I
normally fix that one and then use the same patch to patch the
libreoffice tree.

It is a bit hard for me to sync those things when the change is done
only in libreoffice and some larger changes are difficult to sync
using patches, so I just copy the corresponding classes from the
SF.net project and reformat the code according to the libreoffice
coding standards. This pre/postincrement change did not happen in the
sf.net repo and during the sync got lost. Although, just in the for
loops, I don't see much difference in the two.

I am thinking about making the writerperfect generators just a library
and use it as any other external library inside libreoffice build. But
that is not for tomorrow.



On 25/10/11 04:04, Kevin Hunter wrote:
> At 9:48pm -0400 Mon, 24 Oct 2011, Kevin Hunter wrote:
>> At 7:24pm -0400 Mon, 24 Oct 2011, Fridrich Štrba wrote:
>>> for (std::map<WPXString, FontStyle *, ltstr>::const_iterator
>>> iter = mHash.begin(); - iter != mHash.end(); ++iter) + iter !=
>>> mHash.end(); iter++)
>> Err, in terms of coding style, is a pre to post increment
>> operator merely a whitespace change? I seem to recall a message
>> or two on the subject but I'm having a difficult time tracking
>> them down just now. About 8 months ago, perhaps?
> Kevin: open mouth, insert foot.  I apologize.  Just perusing
> commits, should've kept going.  I take it the pre to post is needed
> to "fix the build".
> Kevin

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