[Libreoffice] Dumping to valgrind.log from soffice shell script needed?

Petr Mladek pmladek at suse.cz
Wed Oct 26 04:55:45 PDT 2011

Stephan Bergmann píše v St 26. 10. 2011 v 13:39 +0200:
> On 10/03/2011 03:11 PM, Petr Mladek wrote:
> > Stephan Bergmann píše v Po 19. 09. 2011 v 11:02 +0200:
> >> Petr,
> >>
> >> following is an excerpt from #libreoffice-dev this morning:
> >>
> >>> <sberg>  caolan, btw valgrind, is there any good reason for (a)>valgrind.log in soffice script (for child output, VALGRIND_OPTS=--log-file=...%p... would help, no?);
> >
> > The option was primary added for normal users, so that they could
> > provide debug information easily. This is why I have chosen the
> > single output file "valgrind.log".
> >
> > Other solution would be to pack the generated logs into a tarball.
> >
> > To be honest, I do not have much experiences with valgrind. I used my
> > experience with strace where I prefer single output file. It is
> > easier for searching. :-)
> Is this an often-used feature, normal users producing a valgrind.log? 
> And could those users be educated to use ">valgrind.log 2>&1" instead?

I open for any changes but I would like to keep it as easy a possible.

> I would really like to get rid of the code in the soffice start script, 
> as it makes more elaborate uses of valgrind painful

I wonder if we could somehow improve the current state for your needed?
What is your preferred way of use?
What exactly do you hate and/or miss?

> (sure, you can always remove the code locally, but I tend to forget it, and if you need 
> to do it repeatedly its a PITA, anyway).

Sure, this is annoying. We need to improve it, so that you need not do

Best Regards,

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