[Libreoffice] minutes of tech. steering call ...

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at suse.com
Thu Oct 27 07:41:35 PDT 2011

	+ Eike, Michael, Thorsten, Stephan, Andras, Fridrich, Kendy,
	  Tor, David, Norbert, Rainer, Michael S, Bjoern, Caolan,

* Completed Action Items
	+ adding l10n code is currently done by pair of VB Scripts
	  need to grok & port these to a better tool. (Andras)
		+ port it to perl instead
	+ asked for a static URL for bug filing from Florian (Rainer)
	+ pull together existing QA stats for Cor's research (Rainer)

* Pending Action Items
        + default to TM safe (non-TDF) branding (Thorsten)
        + enable on-line updates for QA in cross-compiled dailies ... (Kendy)
		+ unit test written for on-line updating
	+ come up with a list of QA heros for next meeting [in progress] (Rainer)

* Agenda items
        + pending action items
	+ release mgmt bits (Petr)
		+ 3.5.0 feature freeze reminder: Dec 5th
			+ most annoying bugs in 3.5.x tracked here:
			+ Radek working on shape import regression
		+ 3.4.4 tagged on Tuesday, and RC1 builds up-loading
		  to mirrors, announce tomorrow; on track.
			+ Monday - deadline for RC2(/final)
AA:			+ review Noel's OLE automation fix (Petr)
		+ 3.3.x release
			+ solitary calc crasher fix, and a branding issue
			=> no new 3.3.x
	+ install Liberation fonts on Windows (Caolan)
		+ not needed since they're drop-in replacements for existing fonts
		+ no harm in shipping it on Windows
		+ why exactly is it necessary / some UI issue / bug ?
		+ packaging is a nice thing to hide Win32 fallback bugs (Fridrich)
AA:		=> package them (Fridrich)
	+ feature/gtk3 merge aftermath (if any) (Michael)
		+ fixed several nasties Stephan identified
		+ nothing else rearing its head
	+ QA update (Rainer)
		+ http://wiki.documentfoundation.org/User:RBd/Workbench/Draft0#TSC_Call_2011-10-27
		+ added ver 3.4.4rc1 to bugzilla
		+ QA team wiki page coming along
		+ potential collaboration with Ubuntu QA team
		+ can we switch bugzilla to new workflow status ?
		+ legacy / needinfo consideration ongoing
		+ easy hacks research / contributors:
			+ can poll them to see what they'd like
	+ consolidated easy hacks dissection (Bjoern)
		+ using the words 'easy hack' less on the list due
		  to bugzilla migration
		+ how is the wiki page created (?)
			+ auto-generated from a bugzilla feed
				=> add a new easy hack - it appears in the wiki
			+ manual intervention for new categories /
		+ how is the ordering generated ?
			+ done by bugzilla id ?
			+ selection of top-ten sample easy hacks,
			  done manually
			+ refreshed every ~two weeks
AA:			+ do some rotation of easy-hacks top-ten (Bjoern)
		+ adding easy hacks is easy and fun:
		+ how do we change the presentation ?
AA:			+ ask wrt. hacking php to improve presentation (Bjoern)
	+ mingw update (Mitch)
		+ not here this week
	+ Bjoern at UDS next week

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