[Libreoffice] [PATCH] Display resolution in PPI with the original size on Picture/Crop (in Writer)

Fernand Vanrie sos at pmgroup.be
Fri Oct 28 04:37:55 PDT 2011

László and all developers involved,
Fine, it is a first step in better handling of images. But as I 
mentioded before, having the PPI out of the image file is a wrong 
concept. The needed/wanted PPI must been stored in the document. The 
image sizes must been calculated according to the pixels in the image 
and the PPI stored (as a printer intention) in the Document.


> Hi,
> This patch adds PPI resolution to the default image size data in the
> Picture dialog (only for bitmap images), see the attached screenshot.
> Explanation: LibreOffice supports explicite resolutions of JPEG/PNG
> picture formats to set default image size, but this important data is
> missing from the UI, so we cannot verify the picture quality.
> Best regards,
> László
> PS. There are some old bugs in the default image handling in
> LibreOffice, see the attached test file, but the most important
> picture format (JPEG with equal explicite x-y resolutions) works well
> (except the rounding error in the percent data, see 101% on the
> screenshot). This patch helps to handle these problems, too.
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