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Michael Meeks michael.meeks at suse.com
Fri Oct 28 06:12:46 PDT 2011

On Fri, 2011-10-28 at 01:55 +0200, Christian Lohmaier wrote:
> So I suspect the --set-last-working shall be limited to the
> tinderboxes that build regularly with a non-changing setup, i.e.
> without having random other stuff that might affect the build-result?

	Well - I suggest we do it manually for now; at least something is
better than nothing here.

> never used the notes feature - but its help says that it can list the
> notes - so no parsing of the full log necessary, just using "git notes
> list"

	Sure, a good idea :-) I've been there; here is some sample output:

$ git notes list | head
63128339eb1c9dceab08cb9f34c8b3a6b278f48b 002c16ce95fa6e384e7541b6e656b9058dd9b459
3d98f2ca6d9843f7eecf3f8c8d85da2b3eb9e209 00a326249f7bb4e7ded9c743836d9d572d3a9d7f
de193bbe203f54b2cbb18d03962691b91a3b0b4c 00a6a3f6279dcf3b790a17f21bccd3e4cea1fc57
742a4d7cc15dda42a1acdab966994d39a9a0d991 010a4baa37bbdca0c35dc3555f6467174e956644

	Not so helpful in my view ;-)

> or if one wants to parse a log, one can do it with
> git log -p `git notes get-ref`
> that way one only has to examine the ones that match. or can do a

	Sure - but the problem is then that you need to sort them into a
sequential /chronological order (which the notes list does not appear to
be in). At the end of the day - the 'git log' output is in the order we
want, and has the details ;-)

	so - rest assured, I did think a little before suggesting this.

	It seems like Bjoern's git log --pretty="%H %N" gives:

5ad4d151dac1eb887d92200330e31af269d8d1fd win32 working build


	and is pretty much perfect on that basis :-)

	So - will hack that into 'g' next week if no-one else has.

	Thanks for the input !



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